Past Events

YANIS Curriculum Vitae​

Activities and meetings organized by YANIS (major events are in bold)


August 22rd: McDougal Grad Activity Fair for New Graduate Students:

September 21st: Welcome Karaoke Party:

October 13th: Fall Picnic in East Rock:

November 9th: Durak - Russian Card Game Night:

December 7th: Yanis Holiday Karaoke:

January 14th: Yanis First 2019 Social:

March 1st:  Spring Holidays (23rd Feb /8th March) Karaoke Night by Yanis:

May 4th: Mayskie Celebration v GPSCY:


August 23rd: McDougal Grad Activity Fair for New Graduate Students:…

October 13th: Durak - Russian Card Game Night:

November 17th: Second Annual The Brothers Karaoke:

February 3rd: YANIS Visits the Yale Rep:

February 18th: Maslenitsa at Benjamin Franklin College:

March 8th: International Women’s Day:…

March 31st: 2nd Night of Passover Seder:…

May 12th: Eurovision Watching Party:… organized by McDougal

May 18th: Russian Music Night:


October 28th: Social / Get-Together at Kasbah

December 9th: Social / Get-Together at Kasbah

January 26th: The Brothers Karaoke:

February 19th: Maslenitsa

May 7th: 2017 YANIS Spring Picnic:


September 24th: Traditional semi-annual Shashlyk (BBQ) Party

November 26th: Social / Get-Together at Kasbah

December 6th: Social / Get-Together at Kasbah

January 14th: Social / Get-Together at Kasbah

January 25th: Social / Get-Together with Eastern European Society

February 10th: Social / Get-Together at Kasbah

February 12th: YANIS trip to NYC to the concert of “Krematoriy” band

February 17th: Social / Hookah Night at Fire and Ice Hookah

March 23rd: Social / Get-Together at Kasbah

March 31st: Social / Get-Together at Fire and Ice Hookah

April 19th: YANIS Karaoke Night at Karaoke Heroes

May 5th: Traditional semi-annual Shashlyk (BBQ) Party


September 11th: Traditional semi-annual Shashlyk (BBQ) Party

November 2nd: Dinner with Alexey Navalny

February 17th: Russian Cuisine Soiree Semi-potluck party

April 16th: Celebration of YANIS 10th anniversary

May 11th: Recreational soccer game

June 5th: Traditional semi-annual Shashlyk (BBQ) Party


September 26th: Traditional semi-annual Shashlyk (BBQ) Party

October 2nd: Social / Movie Night : “Kanikuly strogogo rezhima

October 11th: Recreational soccer game

October 16th: Social / Movie Night : “Palata No. 6” (“Ward No. 6”)

October 30t: Social / Movie Night : “Lubov v bloshom gorode” (“Love in a Big City”)

October 30th: Intellectual Game Night : Tele - “Chto? Gde? Kogda?” versus YANIS

November 14th: Social / Movie Night : “Taras Bulba

December 4th: Social / Movie Night : “32 dekabrya” (“December 32nd”)

December 22nd: Pot-Luck New Year’s Party

January 29th: Ice-skating outing at Walker Rink, Blake Field

Feburary 12th: Social / Movie Night : “Na More” (“At the Sea”)

March 4th: Social / Movie Night : “Nasha Russia: Zolotie Yaitsa Chingishana

May 8th: Traditional semi-annual Shashlyk (BBQ) Party

May 23rd: Evening of Classical music among Friends

July 3rd: Recreational soccer game

July 12th: Recreational soccer game

July 19th: Recreational soccer game

July 28th: Recreational soccer game

July 31st: Recreational soccer game


September 27th: Traditional semi-annual Shashlyk (BBQ) Party

Fall semester: YANIS team in grad-pro volleyball intramurals

November 7th: Bowling after a concert

December 7th: Social / Movie Night : “Den’ Vyborov

Spring semester: YANIS team in grad-pro volleyball intramurals

January 31st: Pushkin’s Masquerade Ball

February 18th: Trip to “Eugene Onegin” in Metropolitan Opera

April 18th: Russian Karaoke Night

May 2nd: Traditional semi-annual Shashlyk (BBQ) Party

Jun 19th: Recreational soccer game

July 5th: Recreational soccer game

July 10th: Recreational soccer game


September 29th: Traditional semi-annual Shashlyk (BBQ) party

October 7th: Recreational soccer game

October 12th: Movie / Game Night

October 28th: Recreational soccer game

November 16th: Yale-Harvard Russian Pre-Game Party

Spring semester: YANIS team in grad-pro volleyball intramurals

February 2nd: Movie Night: “Dvenadsat” (“Twelve”) [by Nikita Mikhalkov]

February 9th: YANIS goes skating

March 2nd: Reception after the concert of Russian music

April 25th: Talent Show

May 3rd: Traditional semi-annual Shashlyk (BBQ) Party

July 11th: Recreational soccer game

July 16th: Recreational soccer game

July 18th: Recreational soccer game

July 23rd: Recreational soccer game

July 30th: Recreational soccer game

August 5th: Recreational soccer game


September 16th: Traditional semi-annual Shashlyk (BBQ) Party

September 22nd: Movie Night: “Everything is Illuminated”

September 23rd: Recreational soccer game

September 23rd: Recreational soccer game

October 6th: Estonian Movie Night: “Made in Estonia”

October 13th: Bar Night

October 20th: Movie Night: “Slushatel

November 3rd: Movie Night: “Piter FM”

February 2nd: Movie Night

February 9th: Get-Together / Party

March 2nd: Trip to a night club in NYC

April 29th: Recreational soccer game

May 5th: Traditional semi-annual Shashlyk (BBQ) Party

June 15th: Recreational soccer game

June 27th: Recreational soccer game

July 10th: Recreational soccer game


September 10th: Traditional semi-annual Shashlyk (BBQ) Party

October 21st: Movie Night: “Pasport” (“The Passport”) [USSR,1990]

February 10th: Movie Night: “9 rota” (“9th batalion”) [Russia,…]

March 3rd: Movie Night: “Shnek ili mechtat’ ne vredno” [Russia,2005]

April 14th: Movie Night

April 29th: Traditional semi-annual Shashlyk (BBQ) Party


September 12th: Traditional semi-annual Shashlyk (BBQ) Party

October 1st: Movie Night: “Nochnoi Dozor” (“Night Watch”) [Russia,]

October 29th: Screening of a documentary “Pervoe pokolenie ot pervogo litsa” (“First Generation, First Person”)

November 19th: Poetry readings

February 25th: Movie Night: “Kur’er

May 6th: Movie Night: “Turetskiy gambit” (“Turkish Gambit”) [Russia-Bulgaria,2005]

May 7th: Traditional semi-annual Shashlyk (BBQ) Party


September 6th: Traditional semi-annual Shashlyk (BBQ) Party

September 12th: Movie night: “Deja Vu” [USSR-Poland,1989]

September 19th: Movie night: “The house that Swift built” [USSR,1982]

October 3rd: Movie night: the best of Soviet Cartoons

October 17th: Movie night: “Sibirskiy ciryulnik” (“Barber of Siberia”) [Russia-France-Italy-Czech Republic,1998]

November 7th: Movie night: “Idi i smotri” (“Come and See”) [USSR,1985]

November 14th: Movie night: “Klyuch ot spalni” (“The key from the bedroom”) [Russia,2003]

November 21st: Movie night: “Brilliantovaya ruka” (“Diamond Arm”) [USSR,1968]

December 3rd: Poetry Reading with Vladimir Gandelsman

December 5th: Movie night

February 13th: Movie night: “Svoi sredi chuzhih, chuzhoi sredi svoih” (“At Home Among Strangers, A Stranger Among His Own”) [USSR,1974]

February 27th: Movie night: “Chuchelo” (“Scarecrow”) [USSR,1983]

May 9th: Traditional semi-annual Shashlyk (BBQ) Party


September 8th: Welcome Party

September 20th: Movie night: “Deja Vu”[USSR-Poland,1989]

September 27th: Movie night: “Pokrovskie vorota” (“Pokrov Gate”)

October 4th: Movie night: “Sestry” (“Sisters”)[Russia, 2001]

October 18th: Movie night: “Strana gluhih” (“Country of the Deaf”) [Russia,1998]

October 25th  

Movie night: “Favority luny” (“Favorites of the Moon”) [France,1984]

November 1st: Movie night: “Formula Lyubvi” (“Formula of Love”) [USSR,1984]

November 15th: Movie night: “Tot samyi Munhgausen” (“That Munchhausen”) [USSR,1979]

November 22nd: Movie night: “Stalker” [USSR-Germany,1979]

December 6th: Movie night: “1001 recept iz menu vlyublennogo povara” (“Chef in Love”) [Germany-Belgium-France-Georgia-Ukraine,1996]

December 13th: Movie night: “UvidetParizh i umeret’” (“To See Paris and Die”) [USSR,1992]

January 17th: Movie night: “Sluzhebny roman” [USSR,1977]

January 31st: Movie night: “Sobachye serdce” (“Heart of the Dog”) [USSR,1988]

February 7th: Movie night: “Ischite zhenschinu” (“Cherchez la femme”) [USSR,1982]

February 21st: Movie night: “Charodei” (“Magicians”) [USSR,1982]

February 22n: Maslenitsa celebration

February 28th: Movie night

April 13th: Movie night: “Russian Ark”

May 2nd: Movie night: “Tikhie omuty” [Russia,2000]

May 9th: Movie night: “Mimino” [USSR,1978]

May 17th: Shashlyk (BBQ) Party

May 23rd: Movie night: “Piraty 20-go veka” (“Pirates of the 20th century”) [USSR,1976]


September 2nd: Shashlyk (BBQ) Party

September 14th: Movie night

September 21st: Movie night: “Brat” (“Brother”)

October 6th: Movie night: “Window To Paris” by Yuri Mamin

October 12nd: Movie night: “Utomlyonnye solncem” (“Burned by the Sun”)

October 13rd: Social Evening and Potluck Dinner

October 19th: Movie night: “East-West”

October 26th: Movie night: “Dzhentel’meny udachi

November 1st: Suspenseful Halloween Party

November 2nd: Movie night: “Brat 2” (“Brother 2”)

November 15th: Get-Together at GPSCY

November 30th: Movie night: “Russky bunt” (“Russian Rebellion”, 1999)

December 7th: Movie night: “Dear Elena Sergeevna

December 14th: Movie night: “Zabytaya Melodiya dlya Fleity” “Forgotten Tune for the Flute”

December 21st: Ultimate Farewell Party of the year of 2001

January 18th: Movie night: “Brilliantovaya ruka” (“Diamond Arm”)

January 25th: Movie night: “Cherez ternii k zvezdam” (“Per aspera ad astra”)

February 1st: Movie night: “Kavkazskaya plennica” (“Prisoner of Caucasus”)

February 15th: Movie night: “Obyknovennoe chudo (“Ordinary Miracle”)

February 17th: Potluck Dinner

March 1st: Movie night: “Vor” (“The Thief”)

March 8th: Movie night: “Moskva slezam ne verit” (“Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears”)

March 29th: screening of “Zhestokii romans” (“Cruel Romance”) as a part of Movie Festival

April 5th: Movie night: “Azazel

April 22nd: “Psychology of Political Mass Killing” by S.G. Levy (lecture and discussion)

April 24th: Remember Armenian Genocide - vigil light

May 3rd: Movie night: “Shirli-Myrli

May 19th: Shashlyk (BBQ) Farewell Party

May 24th   

Movie night:”Ne Valjaj Duraka…”

Aug 2nd, 2001: Approval of YANIS Bylaws at a meeting of the Founders