Two upcoming cultural events from undergraduate clubs

February 14, 2017
Please check out these select items from David Kurkovskiy’s undergraduate club newsletter and Facebook posts! We endorse these events..

In particular, the Russian-Jewish Shabbat (RSVP required) and Maslenitsa (RSVP preferred) events welcome all regardless of ethnicity/religion.
While Maslenitsa is in an undergraduate college, all YANIS members are welcome, including children and families. Please email Benya ( to say you are coming to the
Maslenitsa if you don’t use Facebook.
The Troika
Benya, Lera, Sveta

=====Russian-Jewish Shabbat on Friday======
The Yale Russian-speakers Club and Slifka would like to invite you to a Russian Jewish Shabbat dinner. 
We will be eating at 7:00 pm this Friday, February 17, in the Slifka Seminar room (it is the separate room in the back of the dining hall on floor -1 at Slifka). Please join us to explore the identity and history of Russian-speaking Jews, including those that came to America from the Soviet Union, those with distant Eastern European origins, and those from the contemporary post-Soviet space. 
Anyone is welcome to attend, regardless of Russian or Jewish origin. If you’re thinking of coming, please fill out this form, especially if you need a *completely free* meal swipe for the Shabbat. Do email or if you have any questions. I hope to see many of you there!
=====Last but not least, Maslenitsa on Sunday======
English: In keeping with a wonderful tradition started at Yale last year, we will be celebrating Maslenitsa this Sunday (2/17) from 8-11 p.m. in the Saybrook Dining Hall. We will have delicious bliny, caviar, sour cream, and other condiments, in addition to other Slavic snacks. (Do let me know if you have any suggestions, and I will need a few of you to help out with set up and shopping!) 
Here is the public FB event – we’re already drumming up a huge amount of interest, glad to say :)

Russian: Мы отмечаем Масленицу в следующее воскресенье. Приходите, наслаждайтесь с нами вкусненькими блинами.

В сейбруковской столовой с 20-23. (Да, Масленица на самом деле в понедельник начинается, но будет уже Масленица по всей Руси!)